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"Zeal Harris"

A Laboratory Arts Collective Video Production/Interview

"The Artist In Conversation - Zeal Harris with Badir McCleary"

Art Above Reality Youtube Channel

"Zeal Harris Wilzig Erotic Museum Miami Art Noon Talk"

Interview with WEAM Education Director (Melissa Blundell-Osorio)

"A Celebration of the 2020-2021 Artist in Residence"

Arts Alive, San Diego State University

"Zeal Harris:Transatlantic Wild Seed"

Eric Minh Swenson Art Films

"Zeal Harris: Home Remedies for Driving While Black"

Eric Minh Swenson Art Films

"Artist Suggests "Home Remedies for Driving While Black"

Rising Up With Sonali (Interview by KPFK Producer, Sonali Kolhatkar)

"Following Zora, aka Miss Hurston"

Clocktower Radyo Shak at the 2015 Ghetto Biennale in Port Au Prince Haiti

Producers; Jake Nussbaum and Richard Fleming 

"MPC Presents the Blk Grrrl Show with Carol Bishop & Zeal Harris"

Interviewer: Teka Lark (Timecode: 0:34:19 -1:03:00)

Art Beat Podcast #26: 31st Annual Black Doll Exhibit Review

Zeal Harris Interviewed with Other Artists by Kinte Fergeson

Interview of Zeal Harris by Joanne Griffith

WBAI, 99.5 Pacifica Radio New York, NY

Recorded Talks

Audio recording of artist Zeal Harris (and recorded by Zeal Harris) speaking with art curator and critic Howard Fox about her work. This is the 1st half of the 12 minute conversation. It was recorded during Fox's guest critic visit to a Los Angeles Art Association breakout critique group in 2012. The other half of the conversation may accidentally never have been recorded.

Zeal Harris talks about her artwork at the Soho House (West Hollywood) during a Laboratory Arts Collective launch/reception for the limited edition art magazine, Her circa 2012.

Articles & Reviews


"At Inglewood Art Walk, Glimpses of Gentrification and Signs of Healing"

Written By Renee Renée Reizman 

Artillery Magazine

“Identity Semantics of the African Diaspora in the United States”

Written by Richard Allen May, III

Hue: Optimism

”Sisters Discover Each Other Through DNA and Find They Are All Artists” pages 64-69

Written by Zeal Harris

Easy Reader News

“Art is Also Highly Contagious”

Written by Bondo Wyszpolski

ARTnews Magazine

“Habitat: On the Road in Los Angeles”

Written by Katherine McMahon

Easy Reader News

"Narrative Works by Five Artists at El Camino"

Bondo W

Huffington Post

"Sweet Sticky Things"

Written by Mat Gleason

Los Angeles Times

"Datebook: Arts & Entertainment"

Written by Carolina A. Miranda

Art & Cake Contemporary Art Magazine

Echo Location at Eastside International

Written by Lorraine Heitzman

Obsidian Journal, Literature and Arts in the African Diaspora

"...Lay-in Drapeaux for Justin Horton Smith" pages 149-159

Written by Zeal Harris

Fabrik Magazine, Issue #26 pages 38-44

"Zeal Harris: Tell Me Something Good"

Written by Phil Tarley

Life in LA Online Magazine

"Zeal Harris Sheds Unexpected Insight at Art Show at Wallspace"

Written by Anise Stevens

ArtVoices Magazine

"H(A)UNTED (Exhibition Review)"

Written by Amir Bey

Inglewoodland (Online magazine) Issue 2

"Uncomfortable Paint: A Look At Zeal Harris"

Written by Teka Lark

Requited Journal, Issue 6

"Zeal Harris" featured artist

Written by Zeal Harris

Her Magazine

"Zeal Harris"

Written by Zeal Harris

LA Weekly

"Ed Ruscha's Political Landscapes"

Written by Peter Frank

Los Angeles Times

"Patriot Acts"

Written by Lea Lion

Palisadian Post

"Art Exhibit ‘Acts’ Out First Amendment Issues"

Written by Micheal Aushenker

Books & Other Publications
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A Gypsy's Library:Joy, 2nd edition, (A zine)

"Golden Time of Day"

Featured Artwork by Zeal Harris

Creative Souls: African American Artists in Greater Los Angeles

Chapter 9 (Zeal Harris)

Written by Paul Von Blum

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Black Artists in Los Angeles (BAILA) Zine, Issue #2

Featured Artworks by Zeal Harris

Edited by Kathie Foley-Meyer

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African American-Heritage Month Cultural Guide

Featured Artist

Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

African Americans Doing Feminism: Putting Theory into Everyday Practice

Written by Aaronette M. White

Artwork by Zeal Harris Featured on Book Cover

Jake Nussbaum and Richard Fleming host painter Zeal Harris in the Radyo Shak at the 2015 Ghetto Biennale, to discuss her project Following Zora, aka Miss Hurston. Harris's project draws from the written accounts of Hurston's own travels to Haiti, a path that Harris ties to the tradition of Black American pilgrimages throughout history. The novelist's depictions of vodou ritual (she may even have been initiated as a mambo high priestess on her trip) particularly influenced Harris's already spiritual and symbolism-rich paintings. Harris also tells of her impressions of Port-au-Prince on this, her first trip to Haiti, where she finds inspiration in the constant creation of art outdoors in the streets, from wall paintings to elaborate decoration of public transportation, talismanic sculpture, and embroidered flags.

"Following Zora, aka Miss Hurston"

Clocktower Radyo Shak at the 2015 Ghetto Biennale in Port Au Prince Haiti

Producers; Jake Nussbaum and Richard Fleming